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About Us

We are waste management specialists and have been at the forefront of waste disposal, ground clearance, construction aggregate supply and digger hire in Staffordshire for over 25 years. Our family-run business is extremely customer orientated and we have garnered an excellent local reputation for the efficiency of our service our highly competitive pricing.

For our digger hire in Staffordshire we are proud to offer two types of machinery, able to work on a variety of different terrain types.

If you are in need of skip hire or waste removal in a hurry we are able to offer an extremely reliable same-day delivery and pick-up, with our grab hire trucks also able to collect at night for emergency work.

Our Digger Hire In Staffordshire

When it comes to tasks that are too arduous or labour intensive, our mini diggers are the perfect for making your construction job safer and more cost effective!

Our compact excavators can either be used with tracks, on ground that is uneven or sloped, or wheels, for land that is level and smooth, and are ideal for demolition projects or for use on construction sites. For our digger hire in Staffordshire, talk to one of our specialist technicians to ascertain which variety of footing would be best for your project!

We recommend that our diggers always best be operated by a trained professional.

At Think Green Skip Hire we provide a wide range of diggers and mini diggers in the Staffordshire & Cheshire area to meet all of your needs. Our mini diggers are more commonly referred to a compact excavators or 'small excavators' and are more suited to smaller jobs where either access or cost is a factor. We highly recommend the use of our mini diggers for most domestic and small scale projects within the Staffordshire and Cheshire area and our larger digger hire for larger projects.

Our mini diggers come in two forms; on either on wheels or on tracks. We recommend the wheel variant of our diggers for areas with smoother, flat surfaces like tarmac or concreted ground where there is relative ease of access. The diggers with tracks are more suited to grass or uneven and sloped land where direct access may be more difficult.

Our mini diggers or 'compact excavators' can complete a wide variety of tasks, and we guarantee that they can make any the process of any demolition or construction project far more easier and efficient. Whether you're looking to complete a domestic or commercial project in the Staffordshire and Cheshire area our digger hire services can satisfy all of your demands. Despite being very robust and impervious to damage we recommend that all diggers are operated by a trained and licensed operator to ensure all health and safety compliance is met.

Our entire range of compact excavators and diggers for hire are fitted with environmentally conscious emission control systems to further reduce the amount of toxic fumes and unwanted emissions. They all use specialised catalytic converters to further ensure theirs and our impact on the environment is minimal.

Think Green Skip Hire are a Digger Hire company local to the Staffordshire and Cheshire area, we are family focused company with over twenty five years’ experience servicing the residents and businesses of Staffordshire and Cheshire. All of our digger hire services are affordable and flexible to satiate all of your potential needs and requirements.

If you are looking for digger hire in Staffordshire and Cheshire then look no further. Our primary goal is to make sure all of your digger and mini digger needs are satisfied. Our team is experienced, dynamic and efficient and we pride ourselves on ensuring you; the customer, receive the best possible after care and support. We ensure you select both the correct digger or service to make your project both more efficient but hazard free. All of our prices are competitive to the market and we can even assist in securing and negotiating council or building permits on your behalf.

Think Green Skip Hire areas of operation are Staffordshire and Cheshire and the surrounding area, through continuous and maintained investment we provide all of our customers with the best possible quality of service. Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email any time during normal working hours for a free quotation or advice.

Our Other Services

Along with our digger hire in Staffordshire we provide a host of other waste management services that are designed to assist you in disposing of your waste quickly and carefully.

We offer:

  • Skip Hire – Our range of skips for hire are available in multiple weight capacities, including:
    • 2 & 3 Tonne Skips – Perfect for small household or garden projects or room clearances.
    • 5 Tonne Skips – Suitable for holding smaller items of furniture, this size of skip is utilised most frequently for bathroom and kitchen refurbishments.
    • 10 Tonne Skips – A skip commonly used within the building industry, this variety is essential for larger household works, such as full house extensions, and can also hold more cumbersome items of furniture.

Choose our skip hire alongside our digger hire in Staffordshire to meet all of your waste management needs!

Why Choose Us

We run a 'think green' initiative, whereby 85% of our waste is recycled according to industry standards. This means that the majority of your waste will be dealt with in a way that doesn't harm the environment!

Our skip and digger hire in Staffordshire is also available on either a short-term or long-term basis, entirely tailored to which basis would best suit you.

Our professionals are dedicated to providing as stress free a service as possible, so please call us today with your waste disposal and waste management queries!